Vinyl Plank Flooring/Carpet Tiles/LVCT

Vinyl Plank Flooring/Carpet Tiles/LVCT Services

We provide quick and easy installations

The crew begins by cleaning the subfloor and removing old glue, oil and dust to establish a smooth floor. They then apply adhesives, as per manufacturer’s specifications, and install new flooring, following the predetermined chalk lines/laser lines for square. The team will stagger joints, if necessary, and ensure all cuts are exact. The team will then use a weighted roller over entire surface to complete the flooring installation. The project is complete once the appropriate baseboards are reinstalled.

  • We properly prepare the subfloor for new flooring application.
  • We use premium adhesives.
  • All material specifications (acclimatizing, product-specific adhesives and installation techniques) are followed.
  • The project is finished by installing various baseboard trims, carpet, ridged/roll vinyl or MDF/wood.

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